A Contagious Tourist Attraction on the Walls

Sick to Death is a new attraction on the famous Walls of Chester that blends blood and guts with scintilating science, family fun and amazing archaeology. Set within a complex of 700 year old medieval towers, it tells the story of Chester through the health, diseases, injuries and cures experienced by inhabitants of Chester over hundreds of years.

Sick to Death  will reopen on  Saturday 14th October, and will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm. We look forward to seeing you !

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Rotten Stuff

Sick to Death is designed to be fun, but it does deal with themes that are not always to everyone’s taste. There are some horrible pongs and ghastly sights but these all have a strong educational basis. There are real human skeletal remains on display, but these are enclosed in our Pathology Pod, so you don’t have to see them if you choose not to.


Please touch

Whilst some of our exhibits are behind glass cases (they’re super precious!) most of what you see in Sick to Death is designed for you to touch, smell, hear, wear and enjoy!


We have designed Sick to Death for the smartphone generation. Try a helmet selfie, share your plague doctor dress-up on Facebook or try your best to faceswap with a plague victim! We love social media, so share, share, share your Sick to Death experience and we will be picking out the best to win some amazing prizes.